Fluvanna County Arts Council

The mission of the Fluvanna County Arts Council is to foster and promote performing arts and cultural enrichment for Fluvanna County and the surrounding area

We hope to build community connections. We aim to promote wider access to the arts, enhancing the quality of life for those of us living in and near Fluvanna County, Virginia.

We present live performances at the Carysbrook Performing Arts Center, home to local arts and artists and a wonderful venue for a variety of live productions. Built in 1934, this one-time school auditorium is located halfway between Palmyra and Fork Union. The Carysbrook Auditorium has always been known for its wonderful acoustics, which sound engineers even today cannot explain 

When a new Fluvanna County High School was built and opened in 1974, use of the school building would be reimagined. Initially, the county social services departments and later the county library occupied the space at Carysbrook. But what of that great auditorium? It was to stand empty for nearly 20 years.

Later used for school storage, it succumbed to dust, mold, and decay – the seats removed and thrown away. In 1992, a new use for Carysbrook was envisioned by members of the Fluvanna Community.

Over the next five years, under the direction of the newly formed non-profit group, the Fluvanna County Arts Council, those dreams and memories took shape. The former school auditorium eventually evolved into a fine facility with state of the art lighting and sound equipment and a dedicated group of volunteers to keep it moving. The newly remodeled facility was dedicated on October 18, 1997. Each season since, between 10 and 15 programs have been offered to the public for their pleasure and entertainment.

Today, the over 270-seat theater offers performers and audiences a unique combination of an intimate setting with old-school charm. Each season musical, dance, and theatrical performers draw audiences from Fluvanna and surrounding communities.

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